Ever notice that the dominant presence in the online travel world is that of the Western experience? Because it’s not like the Middle East is the world’s fastest-growing travel region, or, you know, Ibn Battuta.

Short, sad story – but that’s also what brought Safareya to life.

Amid the constant cacophony of digital voices, Safareya comes to the forefront as the first online publication to speak the universal language of travel with a thick 3arabi accent.

Safareya takes you through everything from visa complications and travel hacks to the quirks of being a globetrotter from the mena region, capturing the unique narrative of the 20- to 40-year-old middle eastern traveler

Set on changing the Middle East’s perceptions on travel and what it means to adventure, we’re challenging you to look at the big picture, seek out the hidden gems of the locals, and go beyond the cliché experiences of every destination

Wherever you go, explore the unique culinary concoctions, cultural quirks and artistic expressions, and ways of life of the people you’re visiting – because it’s not really travel if you just eat McDonald’s (or spaghetti and pané) everywhere you go.

Go ahead; dive headfirst into each destination’s culture and local experiences – isn’t that the whole point of travel, anyway?

Plus, no good story ever started with McDonald’s – well, at least not in this context.

But if travel were as easy as ‘safer, enta msh shagara’, everyone would do it. So, why aren’t we? What is it that hinders us from exploring the globe?

In the Middle East it starts with the visa complicationsthe passports, the paperwork, the process.

For those who brave the bureaucracy, a whole new world awaits.

Cue 30 Chrome tabs open at the same time, researching the nitty-gritty of where to go, what to do, and how not to get ripped off because you look like a tourist.

For this reason Safareya came to life – to change mindsets and equip people to move, and that starts with overcoming the obstacles that keep us stationary, especially if those obstacles are rooted in the way we think and how we perceive the world. Beyond the stunning bucket list destinations and the inspiring Safareya stories of real people doing influential things, the core of Safareya is to serve the Middle Eastern traveler – to walk you through the visa processes and the countless permits; to spare you the 30 open tabs and give you nitty-gritty destination guides with pro tips from experience and from locals; to inspire and equip you to get off your ass and explore.

Why are we doing all of this?

Because if we can equip just five people with what they need to adventure, we’ve changed the world for the span of those five people’s lives.

Pay it forward.