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First it was #CyclingEgypt, then it was #RunningEgypt, and now to wrap up the triathlon it's #SwimmingEgypt. Just yesterday, Egyptian adventurer Omar El Galla set out on his third Egypt-based adventure, to swim the length of Egypt in the Red Sea. Taking on 900 km in 90 days from Taba to Shalateen, Galla's latest adventure is the most expensive and most challenging yet, with obstacles unlike the ones he's faced in the past. He's joined by Nabil Rostom who'll be hiking his way from Taba to Shalateen carrying the duo's gear.

When we first met Galla, he was cycling his way around Egypt ahead of wanting to take on an even bigger dream of doing Cairo to Capetown on his bike. He did 6,500 km around Egypt in 65 days on a very minimal budget, but that's exactly what got him to encounter new people he never would've met had he not needed a place to lay his head at the end of every day. We normally look at the road as a means of getting from Point A to Point B; in Galla's case, the road was home and the people he met along the road became family.#CyclingEgypt changed something in Galla – it revived what it means to feel alive. Only a few short months later – surprise! – Galla's going to run the length of Egypt from Abu Simbel to AswanLeh yabni keda? He doesn't even like running! But it's not about whether or not he enjoyed running; for Galla, it was about challenging himself and pushing his limits – physically and mentally. Thirty-six days and 1,500 km later, Galla had made it up the country, running his way along the Nile in an incredibly taxing but fulfilling journey.We put Galla in a room – or, rather, on a roof – with Egyptian adventurer and mountaineer Omar Samra, then watched as the duo spent the better half of an hour taking an in-depth look at why adventurers do what they do. This was not long after Galla had come back from his run, and by then he hadn't announced what he'd be up to next. He hinted at it, though.

Now, as we write, Galla is somewhere off the shores of Sinai in the Red Sea, with Nabil Rostom hiking in parallel. Between security stops and whatever hell or high water may come their way, these two are about to spend 90 days testing their limits beyond what they could've possibly imagined. If history tells us anything, though, it's that Galla's instastories are bound to be thrilling.