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He cycled around Egypt for 65 days; then, he decided to run Egypt for 31 days – all in one year. Now, he’s had enough of land and he’s moving on to conquer the aquatic world. Omar El Galla is aiming high, and for the final leg of his triathlon, he decided to set a Guinness World Record along the way – because, why not?

As the first person to ever swim the length of Egypt in the Red Sea, El Galla got in touch with the World Open Water Swimming Association to record his 900 km feat on behalf of the Guinness Book of World Records. The World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA) is a group of people who are passionate about open water swimming and are working to support this sport. Oh, and they’re also the ones responsible for sanctioning and ratifying the Guinness World Records swims.

To officially receive the title, Galla was asked to provide some information about his upcoming swim: water temperature, start and finish time, total time spent in the water each day, and photographs from each day. He will also be wearing a GPS tracker to record his GPS location by the start and finish of each of the 90 days. The Guinness World Record holders are honored at the annual Open Water Summit that’s held in Los Angeles, California.

If you’re asking yourself “but, why?”, we’ve got you. We’ve bombarded Omar El Galla with 21 questions that everyone has wanted to ask -- we got to know all about the why’s and the how’s to satisfy our curiosity a bit.