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After years of mapping, planning, and trial runs, Egypt's latest hiking trail – the Red Sea Mountain Trail – is finally ready for some hikers! The first ever RSMT trail hike is happening on April 12th and 13th, adventurer Omar Samra – who's one of the trail founders – leading the hike alongside Sheikh Merayi Abu Musallem of the Maaza tribe. 
Sheikh Merayi Abu Musallem

The first set of RSMT hikers will be taking wild wadis and high camel passes around two crumbling Roman towns, exploring the northernmost and southernmost parts of the RSMT route across two separate days.The hike is considered moderately difficult, and will see hikers take on 10-15 km of walking each day with steep ascents. If you haven't hiked before, RSMT really shouldn't be your first rodeo.

As Egypt continues to push toward a culture of sustainable and community-led travel that brings to the forefront the lives and cultures of remote Bedouin communities, we're seeing that the tireless work of the trail founders and Bedouin tribesmen is tangibly impacting the Bedouin communities. As a sister project to the award-wining Sinai Trail, RSMT is expected to boost sustainable travel in Egypt, spreading the culture of a brand of tourism that not only protects the environment, but also sustains the way of life of the locals and provides them with an alternative economy for their communities to prosper.Those joining this inaugural journey through the mountains and wilderness of Hurghada are quite literally making history along mainland Egypt's first long-distance hiking trail, and what everyone hopes will be another iconic hiking trail drawing more people toward trail tourism in the Middle East.

This iconic hike sold out in a heartbeat, but there'll be plenty more where that came from – just keep up with Red Sea Mountain Trail on Facebook and act fast when they announce their next hike!