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Despite the iconic #ArabsXEverest2019 expedition that saw Arabs making history taking on Mount Everest, last climbing season was a tragic one for Nepal as the country recorded one of its deadliest climbing seasons ever on the mighty mountain. With reasons ranging from inexperience to overcrowdedness along the route, Nepal's lawmakers quickly considered implementing stricture rules to avoid any further tragedies.

Everest is no joke; if you're not ready and experienced to take on the giant, you not only risk your life but the lives of other climbers as well. Last season, Nepal issued 381 permits for Everest climbers; now they're setting some limitations and looking to prevent inexperienced climbers from taking on the trek. Now, in order to obtain a permit to climb Everest, you'll need to have previous experience climbing another Nepalese peak over 21,000 feet. You'll also need to travel with a trained Nepalese guide, and submit a certificate of good health and physical fitness. 

Also, climbers will be required to carry their waste off the mountain – including feces. In 2018, three clean-up operations lifted 8 tons of waste off the mountain with everything from fecal matter to mountaineering equipment. 

Source: Matador Network