We’re always looking for new writers with fresh ideas and inspiring stories that fit the Safareya style. If you’ve got a Safareya stories to share, we’re more than happy to host it provided it meets the following requirements:

  • Your story suits Safareya’s overall style, tone, and personality. Make sure you’ve read our stuff before sending us your stuff.
  • You or your story are relevant to the Middle East.
  • Your story is written as a first person narration of your experience.
  • Your story has a point or offers entertainment value; it doesn’t need to be a Mohamed Sobhi original, but “I went to Dahab and had fun” is not a story.
  • Your story is written in American English and is not laden with mistakes that make the editors claw their eyes out (spell-check and Grammarly are free). Any stories that take more effort to edit than they did to write will not be accepted.
  • Your story doesn’t exceed 1,000 words.
  • You can provide a minimum of 3 high quality personal photos from your experience. Photos should be bright and colorful landscape shots, no bigger than 200 – 300 KB in size.

If you’ve met all the requirements, send us your story along with a short bio about yourself, a square image of yourself to accompany your article, and links to your social media accounts (optional).

Those looking to write anything beyond a personal travel story, please see the Safareya Contributors’ Guide before sending us your pitch.

What can I expect after submitting my piece/pitch?

Once you’ve submitted your piece/pitch, it will take us anywhere up to two weeks to get back to you with whether or not we’ll be moving forward.

Please don’t email us, call us, Facebook us, or send us carrier pigeons within the span of those two weeks – we’re humans with two hands and 24 hours, just like you. We promise we’ll respond to your email, even if it’s with a glaring ‘no’.