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As Pablo Picasso once said, “Sculpture is the art of the intelligence.” And those Ancient Egyptian really knew how to sculpt didn’t they? So it's no wonder that, for the last 25 years, Aswan has been the host of its very own International Sculpture Symposium (AISS). The AISS was launched back in 1988 by Adam Hunein as a way to pay homage to the one of a kind and ancient art of sculpting.

This year's AISS just started last week and is running until the 22nd of February, if sculptures and art and culture are your thing. The symposium brings together some of the top local and international sculptors. such as Ton Kalla, Nathan Doss, Hassan Kamel, and Ali Nouri. One of the main attractions of the symposium is getting the invited sculptors to create their own works of art out of granite throughout the duration of the event. And the beautiful part is that the theme and visualization of the sculptures are completely free and up to the artists themselves. At the end of every symposium, awards are distributed to the participating artists, recognizing their contributions to the field.

It's definitely the right time of year to be checking out Aswan, so make sure to add the AISS to your itinerary between experiencing all of Aswan's historic sites.

Source: Cairo Scene