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Dubai's always out there making some list or being the biggest or the best in something. Seriously, this year alone they announced getting their own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, opened a Quranic park, announced they'd be home to the Middle East's first cruise terminalbecame home to a hotel with 269 swimming pools, made the list of the world's most beautiful cities, and opened a special airport lounge at DXB for kids flying solo. Caj. 

What's next on the list?

Positioning the United Arab Emirates as a cultural hub in the Middle East, placing Dubai on the travel map as a global art destination. The emirate has launched a long-term cultural visa for the creatives, an opportunity to have the utopia of the world as your muse and workspace. The aim is to attract artists, authors, and innovators and position Dubai as an incubator for local and global talent. This initiative will alleviate artists from the pressure and restrictions of having to maintain a job just for visa purposes.

Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, has launched the first of its kind visa after a meeting of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority.
“We have some 6,000 companies concerned with arts and culture, five creative complexes and 20 museums. We organize more than 550 cultural events every year attracting millions of visitors, so we do need a new vision that unifies and coordinates efforts,” Al Maktoum tweeted after the approval of the new visa.

The cultural visa is part of a bigger vision "to strengthening the emirate’s position as a key talent incubator, a catalyst for innovation and a leading knowledge and cultural beacon in the region”, according to Shaikha Latifa. The vision includes establishing seven 'Schools of Life' as cultural centers to equip young generations with life skills in art, innovation, and creativity, as well as film festivals, art schools and exhibitions, and cultural carnivals. Dubai is light years ahead of the bulk of the region in recognizing that such a global economic capital would not be successful without a cultural landscape that reflects its sophistication. The UAE already has cultural treasures strong enough to place it on the world's cultural map, and within the next few years, they’re aiming to make it a cultural hub and a top global destination for culture.

From exhibitions and art centres to a whole literature season, museums, and events, Dubai is putting the acclaimed cultural hubs of the world to shame with this new plan.

Source: Gulf News