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The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities just announced Upper Egypt’s first-ever culture festival that'll take place in Qena from the 27th of February to the 3rd of March. As part of their policy to shed light on lesser-known touristic destinations, the beautiful yet underrated Dendara Temple, one of Egypt’s most well-preserved temples belonging to the goddess Hathor, has been chosen as the location for the festival.

The aim of the festival is to spotlight Qena’s heritage as a city rich with antiquities, culture, and art, and – of course – to boost and revive tourism across governorates. The culture festival will include musical concerts and shows by established as well as younger talents.

It seems Dendara Temple is finally getting its due, since a few days before The Dendara Cultural Festival – and in conjunction with the Cairo Opera House – the temple will be hosting a music festival on the 25th of February. It appears that we need to get ourselves to Qena towards the end of February.