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Remember that time your parents told you to take down all those films and music posters off your wall as a kid? Well, apparently karma exists because now there's a museum for that (you should probably drag your parents there just to prove a point). Poster House, the US' first ever poster museum just opened its doors in New York city, and it's quite unique.

Despite their immense popularity, posters aren't exactly an acknowledged art form by most, and you'd be hard pressed to find a place housing many, until now. Poster House was founded in 2015, and it just recently opened its doors. It's a museum dedicated to poster art, be that culturally or historically relevant pieces or just simply aesthetically pleasing ones.

The museum aims to display all sorts of posters with any relevance to the public. "While there are other poster museums around the world, they are largely focused on their particular national heritage, or a certain style,” says director Julia Knight. “Poster House was created to showcase posters from all over the world, from the late 1800s through contemporary use.”

The wheelchair-accessible museum opened its doors with two exhibits that last till October. The first is centered on the artistic stylings of Czech painter and artist Alphonse Mucha. The second revolves around 1990s German design agency Cyan, one of the first teams to use software like Photoshop in their work.
via Poster House/Stephanie Powell

You'll also find posters and events geared at kids, like flower-crown workshops, and more adult-oriented ones like a drink and draw event. There's even a photo booth where visitors can actually put themselves on a real poster.

Source: Lonely Planet