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There’s a reason Beirut’s airport code is BEY. Not only is it homophonous with the internet’s new favorite word, bae, it also embodies the spirit of the term. The Paris of the East has survived more tragedy, turmoil, and trauma than most, but like all great cities, Beirut rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Beirut is bae.

Beirut is the one who took the Middle East and North Africa dancing. It's there that the region – and the world’s – beautiful people go to indulge their nocturnal predilection. Beirut possess a perfectly unique formula for an unforgettable night out: the pounding music, masterful mixology, great local spirits, beer, and wine, a tantalizing cuisine, and a population that seems genetically predisposed to being ridiculously good looking and working the dance floor like there’s no tomorrow. Beirut’s clubbing scene is on par with New York City’s, and regionally, Beirut’s nightlife is rivaled only by Tel Aviv’s.

Look, all we’re saying is your liver and your doctor may hate Beirut, but you will absolutely love it. It is one of those few cities in which people have their priorities straight and it will serve you well to emulate their example for duration of your visit. It’s the only way to experience Beirut.

B018via B018

Located in what was once called ‘the quarantine’, an area near the port of Beirut that was almost wiped out by local militia men in the 70s, B018 is the living embodiment of Lebanon’s survival. Despite being a subterranean club, there’s nothing underground about B018. The place is arguably Beirut’s most popular club and is regularly ranked among the best in the world!    

Location: Quarantina
Get Directions to B018
Hours of Operation: Tursday - Saturday 10pm - 8am

Contact Number: +961 3 810 618   
Facebook: B018
Email Address:

WHITE BEIRUTvia White Beirut

Recently named one of the finest clubs in the world, White Beirut lives up to the franchise’s storied legacy in the Middle East and North Africa. The rooftop venue has something for everyone, from breathtaking views of Beirut’s swanky skyline, to delectable bites, to delicious and affordable cocktails. Most importantly, however, White Beirut is pumping with life every night of the week!     

Location:  Sea Side Road, Dora
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Contact Number: +961 3 060 090
Email Address: 


Not to be confused for its coastal outpost, Iris Beach Club in Damour – which is also worth a visit, Iris has a special place in every Beiruti’s heart. The homegrown brand has garnered a reputation for unrivaled excellence in the hospitality industry. Iris has cultivated a notoriously loyal following, and for good reason – once you make a habit out of spending the weekends at Iris’ gorgeous outdoor venue, mingling with the brand’s big-spending crowd, and sipping on their delicious cocktails, you’ll never leave!

Location Beirut New Waterfront, Seaside Pavilion
Get directions to Iris
Contact Number: +961 3 090 936
Facebook: Iris
Email Address:

CAPRICE L.T.D.via Caprice L.T.D.

This massively popular nightlife spot is another sure hit. Caprice L.T.D. combines Lebanon wild party spirit with a unique lounging concept – it’s an extroverted introvert’s paradise.

Location: Sea Side Road, Dawra
Get directions to Caprice L.T.D
Contact Number: +961 70 220 223
Facebook: Caprice L.T.D.

Email Address:


Al Mandaloun is a Lebanese legend. Conveniently located in Beirut’s bustling nightlife hub of Mar Mikhael, home to some of the city’s best clubs and bars, Mandaloun is throbbing with festivity every night of the week with oriental tunes and thirsty patrons who descend on the venue for its exceptional food and vibes. It’s Lebanese joie de vivre at its finest!

Location: Mar Mikhael
Contact Number: +961 1 565 333
Email Address:

THE GARTENvia The Garten

The Garten is where Lebanon and Beirut’s coolest kids party. The venue caters the best beats and tunes thanks to its top-of-line sound system, the best in the city. The club regularly hosts stellar lineups that draw a young and hip crowd. In The Garten, the music always comes first, making it the ultimate clubbing experience. Every night at The Garten is a rave!

Location: Biel, Downtown Beirut 
Get directions to The Garten 
Contact Number: +961 76 363 662
Facebook: The Garten
Email Address:

THE GRAND FACTORYvia The Grand Factory

The Grand Factory is inarguably Beirut’s best underground club. It is where underground music carves itself a place amid Beirut’s deafening noise. The Grand Factory is at the epicenter of Beirut’s clubbing subculture, heralded by the city’s cute, eccentric hipsters. It’s the best representation of Beirut’s ceaseless revolt and rebellion!      

Location: Sea Side road, Karantina 
Get directions to The Grand Factory
Contact Number: +961 3 703 371
Facebook: The Grand Factory
Email Address:  

SKYBARvia Skybar

Skybar is rumored to have been named the best club in the world in 2008, and although these claims are unverified, we’re totally inclined to believe them. All it took to convince us was one night at the iconic rooftop venue.

Locatioon : O1NE Building, Beirut Waterfront, Downtown Beirut
Get directions to Skybar 
Contact Number: +961-3-939191
Facebook: Skybar

Email Address: