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Quarantines and lockdowns are everywhere right now, including Lebanon. But the Lebanese are choosing to do it a bit differently. We’ve seen the Italians hanging around in their balconies and breaking out in songs to lighten the situation they’re in and find some lightness in the dark, and the Lebanese are taking it to the next level by spreading some positivity through the uncertainty.

They’re known for their lust for life. When there’s a national medical emergency, they’re still doing their thing while social distancing. A video from Lebanon has surfaced on social media of the Lebanese using their talents of igniting positivity. This time, they’re doing it with quarantined balcony gatherings. There’s even a video of a Lebanese boy in Tripoli playing his saxophone for the whole neighborhood while they stood cheering him on. On Monday, people in Lebanon stood in balconies to applaud the health workers who were standing at the frontline during this devastating coronavirus outbreak.

Through all the stress and fear, the self-quarantined Lebanese people stood together on Sunday night in a heartwarming scene to celebrate their neighbor’s birthday. The spontaneous birthday party took place in Achrafieh in Beirut, Lebanon, when everyone united together to give the woman celebrating a birthday she will never forget. There were laughter, cheers, singing, and even a cake and candles to blow in a scene proving that the Lebanese can’t just stop partying -- even through the hardest of times.

Stay at home, spend quality time with your family, and maybe get to know your neighbors through your balconies. Social distancing does not meet antisocial.

Source: RTE.