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Have you ever laid eyes on a Picasso or a Van Gogh and asked yourself what must've gone in the artist's head to come up with such a majestic creation? While it's a shame we did not witness these minds at work -- imagine if Rembrandt had social media, we're still blessed with some modern artists that innovate in different ways that may be more suited to the times we live in. Bruce Munro took to California's Paso Robles to create a work of art that will be remembered for ages to come.

Munro created a visual masterpiece over 15 acres in the American wine country. His Field of Light at Sensorio installation took him several years to come to life. He created a solar-powered art piece that consists of 58,000 lights that are in the shape of stemmed spheres lit by fiber optics. The lights shine in varying colors that slowly change, creating a breathtaking shimmering effect.

Munro's work was always inspired by his study of natural light and his deep interest in it, which inspired him to create several large scale art pieces that transcend time and space in various mediums, from water to forests and urban squares. His works aim to be thought provoking, shining light on human existence in the grand scheme of things. Other notable pieces of his include Field of Light installation in Uluru, 2016, which spanned a whopping 326 miles of optic fiber. It's been seen by over 200,00 people, and you can still see it till December 2020.

The Field of Light at Sensorio will remain on display till January 5, 2020, and it's Munro's first exhibit on US soil entirely run by solar power. There's even a terrace there where you could enjoy the view while eating. You can learn more about admission fees and times from the project's website.

Source: Lonely Planet