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We can all agree that Beirut's a beat – rich history, stunning scenery (and greenery!), and a nightlife scene that's unparalleled in the region. But one experience after the next and your bank account is going to go on strike. Unlike other destinations where you need to practically pay to exist, there are lots of enjoyable things to do in Beirut that won't break the bank (any more than it's already broken). 


Lined with palm trees and overlooking the Mediterranean and the summits of Mount Lebanon, the Beirut Corniche is a no brainer when it comes to finding a low-cost laid-back experience. Enjoy the sunset with a drink from one of the numerous street vendors and take it all in.

GET LOST IN THE CITYvia Lebanon in a Picture

This premise may seem a bit terrifying, but it really isn’t. Beirut is a compact city and has plenty to offer for wandering souls. Whether you’re alone or with a friend, try getting lost in the streets of this small city and discover the galleries, cafés, restaurants, shops, and many others gems that Beirut has to offer. Also, chat with strangers! Lebanese people aer super friendly, and it's not really travel if you don't get to know the locals of yout destination. 


Beirut has been trying to expand its green spaces over the past few years, so they now have over 20 gardens and parks that are a great option for when you've done too many things and just need to rest for an afternoon – or if you come from a desert country and miss the color green. Some of these spaces are totally free – like Herch Beirut, and others like Zouk Mikael can be for a small fee of 2,000 LP for adults — and it’s free for children.


Beirut's equivalent of a farmers' market – although literally translated to mean the Sunday market – fills the streets vendors, food, music, antiques, and all sorts of flea market-style collectables on Saturdays and Mondays. Skip the cliché souvenirs and grab your friends something authentic and original. 
Get directions to Souq el Ahad.

ATTEND A FILM FESTIVALvia Beirut Film Festival

Beirut hosts a lot of film festivals at various times of the year, and admission is usually cheap if not entirely free. 


There are plenty of music festivals held in Beirut, like Beirut and Beyond International Music Festival. The admission fees for these festivals are not expensive, ranging from $30 to $50 for many of them.

SWIM IN THE BEACHES OF TYREvia Lebanon in a Picture

A quick beach getaway just outside of Beirut, Tyre has some beautiful public beaches you can schedule into your itinerary. Tyre is almost an hour away from Beirut by bus, and transportation only costs $2.
Get directions to Tyre.

GO TO LUNA PARKvia Lebanon in a Picture

For just a couple of dollars you can get a whole new perspective on the beautiful city of Beirut – from atop a ferris wheel! Take that, London Eye!.
Get directions to Luna Park.


For the art and culture buffs, you can always go check out the Beirut Art Center’s latest exhibitions and galleries.

Location: Jisr el Wati – off Corniche An Nahr. Building 13, Street 97
Get directions to Beirut Art Center
Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 12 PM – 8 PM; Wednesday: 12 PM – 10 PM; Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM, closed on Mondays

Contact Number: +961 (0) 1 397 018
Facebook: Beirut Art Center

Email Address:


From Mar Mikhael to Gemmayzeh, Beirut has an abundance of bars – some of them even have live music.


Beirut has a good deal of civil war relics and abandoned buildings; if you’re the adventurous type, you could always try exploring them at night  – just make sure nothing collapses on you. Or, if you've had a bit much to drink, a little late-night hide and seek in an abandoned building always makes for a fun travel story.

EXPLORE THE AUB CAMPUSvia hargreavesjonesla

With four libraries, a medical center, museums, art galleries, and a lot of green spaces, the AUB is a spectacle and walking through it takes you back to pre-war Beirut. It also has one hell of a view!

Location: Bliss Street
Get directions to American University of Beirut
Contact Number: +961-1-340460 / 350000 

Facebook: American University of Beirut
Email Address :

What else is there to do in Beirut? Plenty!