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Not every country that lies in the continent of Europe gets to have the privileges of being a part of the Union — it’s like a high school group of mean girls who don’t just accept anyone into their closed circle of privileges. It took Croatia four years of monitoring to fulfill the long list of conditions to join the passport-free Schengen area, and it still hasn’t gotten that final seal of approval.

Now Cyprus is applying to join, making it a bit tougher for people of a non-European passport to get the visa – thanks a lot, Cyprus. Applying for membership last September, the government took this decision for security reasons. The next step is for the European Union to visit and start the evaluation process, which is made up of five parts. Cyprus has a long long way to go.

For now, Cyprus is one of the four countries in the European Union that are non-Schengen, along with Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia — and all three have already completed the five-stage evaluation process and are only waiting for the Union approval to officially be included in the Schengen Zone.

Source: Schengen Visa Info