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The words 'Dubai' and 'skyscraper' practically go hand in hand now. And in true Dubai fashion, they always manage to surprise us. This time, they’re breaking their own record again – with a Guinness World Record and all. They’re basically handing the title of the World’s Tallest Hotel from one building to another. In 2018, the Gevora Hotel in Dubai was named the tallest hotel in the world standing at 356 meters. But this year there’s a new hotel that’s going to steal the title and overshadow the 75-story Gevora Hotel. The new tallest hotel in the world, Ciel Tower, is currently under construction and is only a short drive away in the heart of Dubai’s Marina District.

The new skyscraper will stand at 360.4 meters high once it’s completed and the building will feature 1,209 luxury suites throughout its 82 floors. The design comes from the same company that created the Atlantis Hotel, so we could only imagine the level of luxury -- it’s already won three prizes for best architecture! The skyscraper is set to have an observation deck with 360-views of the whole city with a rooftop swimming pool -- honestly, we’d expect nothing less, luxury has become a given in Dubai. Construction work has been happening since 2016 in Dubai Marina, but luxury takes time. Ciel Tower is going to be opening its doors and officially stealing the title of the world’s tallest hotel somewhere between late 2022 and early 2023.

Source: CNN.