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Right in the heart of Jumeirah Village Circle in Dubai, a ridiculously luxurious hotel just opened its doors on September 2nd, adding yet another skyscraper to the Dubai skyline.

With 247 rooms and suites, 254 hotel apartments, and 269 pools with views of Dubai’s crazy cityscape and desert, the Five Jumeirah Village hotel made headlines for its staggering number of floating swimming pools lining the tower, each with its own incredible view. If you’re not much of a fan of pools, even the bathrooms have ceiling-to-floor views of the city that’ll make you reach for your phone to Instagram the ultimate #BathroomGoals shot. Further proof that Dubai is living in an alternative universe where utopias exist.

Facilities-wise, the hotel features a new concept: Soul Street, with street everything: food vendors, art, and sounds from all over the world. Asia, Latin America, Europe, and India all in one street in Dubai. Soul Street is the first of the series of restaurants and bars the hotel is planning, set to open September 28th.

Source: Esquire Middle East