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The pandemic situation does not seem to be settling down for the time being. The decision to ground all flights and close all airports around Egypt was taken a week ago, and came into effect last Thursday the 19th, leaving only two days to anyone stranded abroad one last chance to fly in or out of Egypt. Unfortunately, the situation does not seem to get any better. Egypt has announced taking the extensive measures up a level with a two-weeks curfew starting tomorrow. No one is allowed between 7 PM to 6 AM for the upcoming two weeks, along with the closure of all cafes, restaurants, and anywhere that could entail gatherings.

Along with the curfew, Egypt has also announced extending the flight suspension by another two weeks. The decision that is currently imposed was initially supposed to end by the 31st of March, but it was extended for another two weeks starting April 1st and until April 14th. Flights allowing tourists to return to their countries are the only exception to the suspension and are allowed to continue. Besides staying inside, we’re going to be staying in Egypt for a while longer. Until then, maybe we could window-shop some trips.

Source: Reuters.