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2020 has been a crazy year, and we’re only one month in. But the scariest part of it all has been the Coronavirus. What started out as a small virus in Wuhan, China -of course it’s China that’s the source of a deadly virus- has spread across the world, infecting a couple of thousands and killing at least a hundred people in multiple countries. Countries around the world have been going measures to try and stop this virus from spreading even further, while scientists are working hard to figure out the mechanism of its spread in the first place to set out the precautions needed -- other than putting on a mask. The news are a scary place to be as countries around the world have unfortunately confirmed detecting at least one case of Coronavirus, including Australia, US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. And if that's not scary enough, the virus has reached the Middle East. The first cases of Coronavirus were confirmed in the UAE -- members of a family arriving from the virus' origin city in China. Looks like whatever we're doing to stop this virus is not enough.

Egypt is among the first countries in the world to take strict precautionary measures against the Coronavirus after it’s outbreak in Wuhan. Since the World Health Organization made the first announcement about the virus on January 7th, Egypt has come up with an integrated plan covering all the stages from early detection to quarantine and treatment measures. Egypt has announced suspending all flights from or to China amid the eruption of the deadly Coronavirus. The released statement also added that all trips booked by Chinese travel agencies to Egypt’s main touristic spots in Egypt including Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, and Luxor have been cancelled, which totalled to roughly 30,000 Chinese tourists who were planning a winter trip to Egypt. Besides affecting tourism revenues, a Member of the Committee for Marketing Cultural Tourism, Mohamed Fathi, has expressed his concerns that such a decision may lead to some tension between China and Egypt, since it’s putting travel agencies of both countries in a tough place.

Source: Egypt Independent.