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Amidst all the Coronavirus fears going on in the world, countries are either canceling flights, preparing for quarantines, or already in lockdown. There’s not much traveling happening in the Middle East right now.

After suspending schools and universities for two weeks, Egypt has taken the bold stop of suspending flights altogether. Starting Thursday March 19th and till the end of the month, Egyptian airports are shutting down and will not be operating any flights as a measure to stop the novel virus from spreading any further in Egypt. In a country of almost 100 million citizens, extreme measures are in place to prevent any escalation. After many suspected cases in a Nile cruise in Luxor and rumors going around about thousands of cases in Egypt, uncertainty is off the roof but it's time for some drastic changes.

So put your travel plans on hold, because it looks like we’re going to be here for a while.

Source: Youm7.