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Travel markets and conventions happen year-round, but not all travel markets are created equal. For the movers and shakers in the travel industry, The World Travel and Tourism Market is where it's at. The annual global event held in London, where everybody and their mother in the travel industry gathers to talk business and make connections, brings together over 51,000 global travel trade professionals to liaise and plan business for the next year -- all with the aim of propelling the travel industry forward. Last year, Egypt's pavilion was one to write home about, with VR experiences of Egypt as well as Omar Samra representing adventure travel as part of the Egyptian delegation, highlighting the Sinai Trail and the sustainable tourism model it represents.

And this year’s event is no exception, because Egypt is still representing and this time it’s going all in with a high-level delegation in the World Travel and Tourism Market that’s scheduled to be held from the 4th of November to the 6th in the British capital. According to the Head of Egypt’s Chamber of Tourism Establishments, Adel Masri, the Egyptian delegation at the London market will be making use of this event to introduce visitors and investors to the tourism activities in Egypt. Through this delegation, Egypt is aiming to build a platform of cooperation by getting the attention of investors, shedding the light on certain activities, and creating a touch point between the country and global tourism authorities and travel agencies -- keeping up to date with all the global trends of the industry.

Egypt still depends heavily on tourism, and being represented in this global event is another step in the right direction among its many efforts to encourage tourism in the country. Only recently, the UK lifted restrictions on flights to Sharm El Sheikh; regardless of the collapse of Thomas Cook, 400,000 British tourists flock the country annually -- and even higher numbers of British tourists are expected to visit this coming winter season.

Source: Ahram Online