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Dealing with government institutions in Egypt can be a bit tricky; you never know what the necessary papers are and, even if you do, you always end up going back and forth to the same place trying to get it right. It's a hell of a process you don't want to deal with before traveling, so we've made it a lot more straightforward and foolproof. 


  • If you're looking to issue a new passport, you'll need a valid ID card and a copy thereof; if you're renewing or replacing your passport, you'll need the old or damaged passport.
  • 4 recent photographs (4 x 6 cm) with a white background.
  • If you’ve lost your passport, you'll also need to file a police report and bring it with you in order to get a replacement.
  • 335 EGP for issuing or renewing the passport, 458.50 EGP for renewal of a damaged one or replacement of a lost one.
  • Make sure you bring copies of everything.



  • For males ages 19 and up: conscription documents stating your current status (conscription age, exempted, postponed, etc.).
  • For students: a certificate proving your enrollment in a university or school.
  • For minors under 16 years of age: an electronic birth certificate and a copy thereof, and a valid version of father’s or mother's ID and a copy thereof.
  • For women: proof of marital status (marriage certificate in case of marriage, or personal ID otherwise).
  • If you're looking to update your degree or occupation, you'll need to do so on your ID card first and bring it with you to renew your passport. 



  • Head to your designated branch of the Egyptian Immigration, Citizenship, and Passports Agency (check their working hours, though; not all offices are created equal) and fill out a free application form from the information desk.
  • If you want your name spelled a certain way in English, spell it out yourself.
  • File the application with the supporting documents and you’ll receive a receipt.
  • Head back with your receipt in hand after 3 business days (though we recommend 5) and your passport should be ready.


Now that your passport's all set, where are you off to?