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Every year, Euromonitor International announces a list of the 100 most popular cities among international travelers, basing their results on the statistics and data of international arrivals of over 400 cities, filtered down to a report with the 100 most popular cities receiving visitors from abroad. For this year’s report, Egypt came as the leading destination in the North Africa region with Cairo coming in 42nd place and Hurghada managing to make its way into the list at 82nd. Overall, the MENA region has managed to keep a steady growth for 2019.

For the Gulf region, Dubai made it to the top 10 cities worldwide, leading the whole region with the highest number of arrivals of 16.3 million and ranking 7th, while Abu Dhabi came in the 94th place having received 2.5 million visitors. Saudi Arabia has witnessed a slowdown in religious tourism while putting in all its efforts to open up the country to international visitors by launching their tourist visa. Regardless of having a slow year, Mecca came in 20th place, receiving 9.8 million visitors while Medina followed in 23rd place receiving 8.8 million visitors. The Saudi capital Riyadh also made a debut on the list in 49th place, receiving 5.45 million visitors and Dammam in the 64th place receiving 3.58 million. With four cities on the list, this makes Saudi Arabia the second most important market in the region. Marrakech, the tourism capital of Morocco, received 3 million visitors in 2019, making it the 75th on Euromonitor’s list and the only Moroccan city making it.

The top 10 cities worldwide were mainly occupied with Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, Macau, Singapore, and Kuala Lampur. Paris and New York have managed to keep their spots in the top 10, which comes at no surprise. With a boost of visitors, Istanbul has managed to sneak its way into the 10th spot with an impressive growth, having received 14.7 million traveler in 2019.

Source: Euromonitor International