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This past Saturday, March 23rd, marked the first time in a whole century since a cruise ship carrying tourists last crossed the Nile from Aswan to Sudan. In what's hopefully the first of many cruises to come between the two destinations, maiden voyage La Fleur Sur Le Nil (The Flower on The Nile) embarked on a journey from the High Dam harbor to that of Wadi Halfa in North Sudan.

The maiden voyage is a 10-day round trip between Aswan and Sudan's Wadi Halfa, arriving in Sudan on March 27th and returning back to its port in Aswan on April 2nd. While cargo ships go to and fro between the two destinations, this tourist cruise ship will stop at several ports along the way, highlighting all the historic and touristic sites along the Nile between Aswan and Sudan, like Abu Simbel and Amda/Sebua temples, as well as Kerma Civilization, Meroë Pyramids area, and Saï Island in Sudan.

The modernly designed La Fleur Sur Le Nile is powered by clean wind energy as part of the efforts made by the tourism industry to reduce carbon emissions and preserve the environment.

Sources: ETUF and Masrawy