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When the Syrian war broke out in 2011, the United Arab Emirates issued a travel advisory to its citizens for neighbouring Lebanon that later evolved into a full travel ban in 2016. The UAE claimed it was reducing the number of diplomatic Lebanese staff in the country. Earlier in 2019, Lebanon was officially listed among the countries that Emiratis were banned from visiting due to “political reasons.”Now Lebanon is reclaiming its spot as a top travel destination worldwide – with Beirut topping lists and upgrading its airport – Emiratis are finally going to be able to enjoy it. The UAE's original security concerns, including fear of kidnappings and spillover of conflict, have since decreased, and the ban is finally lifted.

The decision follows talks between the Ministry of Foreign affairs and International Collaborations in the UAE with the Lebanese government, which guaranteed the security of the country and the entry points for the Emirati travelers. With the aim of strengthening the relations and boosting the ties between the two countries, both sides are hoping that Emirati travelers will start flooding to Beirut and other Lebanese cities.

The UAE stressed its commitment to reinforcing the friendship with Lebanon, helping to nourish its security and stability, while the Lebanese leaders are thankful for the support of Gulf states helping them to overcome the economic instability by allowing their citizens to travel to the country. The decision to lift the ban will also encourage the return of Emirati investment in Lebanon.  

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Source: The National