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Being in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language is always confusing, but it’s an experience that everyone has to go through; it opens up your eyes about this whole world that exists where you have no idea what’s going on and everything you're hearing around you seems like gibberish. It could be annoying sometimes when you get lost with no one to understand what you’re asking for, but there’s always an app for that. Technology has made traveling a piece of cake, since the moment you start researching a destination to planning accommodations, airline tickets to cross the world, and, of course, our beloved Google maps in our hands.

A new update is coming to Google that’ll make travelers' lives so much easier. Google Translate is coming to Google Maps, enabling it to pronounce foreign place names out loud for you so you can have conversations with the locals in their own language. When you tap on a location on the map, the app presents you with an info card that has everything you need: pictures, reviews, and a speaker icon that’ll pronounce the name of the place out loud for you. The new feature will also play the address out loud, which could be extremely useful when directing a taxi driver with less struggle. The days of holding a map from the back seat and shouting your hotel address to taxi drivers are gone.For Android users, the Google Maps’ new translation feature will be automatically activated once you travel to a location where the local language is different from your native tongue. It’ll also have the option to lead you back to the Translate app, in case you want to start a conversation without having to hunt for the language from the list while a stranger awkwardly awaits for the tourist to get a coherent sentence out.

Within the next few weeks, the update will be launching for iOS and Android with support for 50 languages, and more to be added soon.

Source: Google