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In case you haven’t noticed the pink ribbons flooding your social media, October is breast cancer awareness month. And to properly welcome the autumn months and falling leaves that coincide, Wild Jordan is mixing up both by hosting what’s dubbed the 'Pink Hike'.

Deep into the Ajloun Forest Reserve in Amman, Jordan, this two-day hike passes through thick woodlands, farms, and villages -- with beautiful views of the West Bank, Syria and the Jordanian countryside. The hike takes you through the Rockrose trail and deep into the oak-scented forest, with workshops where you’ll get to know the local women of Ajloun, get some local Jordanian food, and finally a free clinical breast examination for the hiking women by the Jordanian Breast Cancer Program. And that’s not even the most special part about this; this hike is in support of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in collaboration with Jordan Breast Cancer program. 

The Pink Hike takes off on the 18th of October through to the 19th -- two full days in a beautiful landscape while also supporting a huge cause. For more details, you can check out Wild Jordan’s website, Facebook page, and the Pink Hike event.

Source: Wild Jordan