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Egypt is switching things up this year and doing something a little different as part of its representation at the World Travel Market – the annual event for global tour providers held in London from November 5th to the 7th. This year, mountaineer and adventurer Omar Samra is headed to London as the sole representative of adventure travel for the Egyptian delegation through his company Wild Guanabana (WG). One of WG's main focal points during the global event is going to be the Sinai Trail, a 550 km trail in South Sinai orchestrated by the local Bedouin tribes. “We’re hoping to demonstrate the importance of this kind of sustainable travel and prove that it could actually generate work opportunities for people and also be of interest for tourists,” says Omar Samra, founder and CEO of Wild Guanabana.

By focusing on Sinai Trail and the type of sustainable tourism it offers, Samra and his company are hoping to set an example on how to create a sustainable tourism model. “A trip can’t be just for the sake of showing a tourist a good time; it has to have a positive effect on the local communities and the local service providers. Whether they’re in tribes or villages or remote areas, they must stand to benefit from such trips,” Samra reiterates. This is exactly what Wild Guanabana has been doing by collaborating with Sinai Trail over the past year and a half; in doing so, they’ve managed to help the people of these tribes lead better lives.

Beyond Wild Guanabana, Samra is also attending WTM as an ambassador of adventure travel in Egypt. “We’ll want to show attendees from other countries, especially UK, how we operate our tours in Egypt and how safe it is, as we’ve conducted several trips recently without encountering any security problems, since these might be concerns to some,” Samra adds. Taking place over the course of three days – November 5th to 7th – the WTM is expected to draw in over 50,000 visitors.

The travel and tourism industry has been taking new turns over the past few years, with the focus shifting away from conventional forms of tourism and more toward sustainable and adventurous approaches to travel – ones that facilitate authentic local experiences that not only preserve but also enrich the host environment and communities.